Pack your Gear

The ScanSmart Laptop Backpack is one of my most viewed YouTube videos on my Mark Gingrass channel. I have owned two of these now. My YouTube video of the review was such a big hit; I decided to write a blog about it.

ScanSmart Laptop Backpack Image

I want to share a few comments I’ve received from the video reviews. The feedback from others might motivate you to give the video a quick watch. It’s a six-minute video.

Probably the best review of a backpack I’ve ever seen.- Sloppy Rob

It feels great to get comments on videos. When I first posted the video, I had no idea it would be such a big hit. So here is another comment from solidsnake58.

Great review! You’ve done a man’s job, sir. Just what I needed to see. – solidsnake58

The comments are great, but please, check out the video for an in-depth review. Nothing beats having me unpack a stuffed backpack packed with multiple laptops and gear.

The Swissgear 1900 ScanSmart™ Laptop Backpack is built tough and is equipped with an extra-large main compartment. The zippers are rugged and oversized, which makes them simple to use with gloves on. In addition, it features some adjustable side compression straps and a padded back panel with plenty of ventilation.

You will see the backpack in the below image, heavily loaded with probably 50+ pounds of gear.

Mark Gingrass wearing the ScanSmart 1900 Backpack fully loaded with two laptops
Two laptops in the backpack.

Is the ScanSmart Backpack Worth it?

The ScanSmart lay-flat technology allows for laptop-in-case TSA scanning for most portable computers. I have never used this feature, but it’s there.

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I purposely bought this Swiss Gear Backpack to hold two laptops simultaneously, and I am very impressed. There have been times I held three laptops in this bad boy! Don’t ask!

The backpack is made of a combination of fabric and polyester, and it holds great! In addition, it has enough cushion that I feel safe setting it on the floor without much impact on my gear.

Video Review of ScanSmart Backpack

I posted this video a few years ago. So many people commented and said there were going to buy this bag since then. I am not affiliated in any way with this product directly. The images don’t do this backpack justice. You should watch the video if you made it this far.

The ScanSmart 1900 laptop backpack also has two water bottle pockets which I use constantly. I use one pocket for a water bottle and the other for my tripod (it has a strap to hold it down pretty well).

It has an easy-access laptop compartment (side entry) but to be honest; both laptop entrances are easy to access, in my opinion.

Highlights of the Swiss Gear Backpack

  • extra-roomy
  • equipped with a large opening main compartment
  • rugged oversize zippers
  • adjustable side compression straps,
  • ScanSmart lay-flat technology (however, I never tried this with TSA
  • an accordion file holder, an organizer compartment,
  • multiple internal accessory pockets
  • water bottle pockets on both sides
  • padded media pocket with headphone cord port
  • a molded top handle (rigid plastic!)
  • webbing daisy chain and carabineer to attach gear
  • front quick-access pocket
  • I have used this backpack daily for work, hiking, and traveling. I * can’t recommend it enough.

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